Best things to do in Lanzarote EXPLORE Jet Ski Safari Sightseeing for adventurers. A Jet Ski safari should not be missed on your Lanzarote holidays. Get on the spirited water vehicle and follow your guide on an exciting discovery tour… from € 145,00 Best things to do in Lanzarote EXPLORE Xtreme Buggy Tour Motorized action and nature adventure – tour the wild landscape of Lanzarote by buggy. Four wide tires neither roof nor doors: this vehicle already looks like a load of... from € 85,00 Best things to do in Lanzarote EXPLORE We Love La Graciosa This is much more than just an average catamaran tour in Lanzarote! Not only do you get to spend a fantastic day out on the sea and visit a spectacular beach but… from € 59,00 Best things to do in Lanzarote EXPLORE Jeep Bus Tour The North Discover a Lanzarote that remains hidden to many. The all-terrain convertible minibus in Jeep style make it possible. Your adventurous route takes you off the usual tourist… from € 59,00 Best things to do in Lanzarote EXPLORE Moonscape of Lanzarote Discover the wonderful world of volcanoes: Lava canals, volcanic tunnels, cold lava seas and spectacular craters. This is an impressive guided walking tour through a huge… from € 42,00 Best things to do in Lanzarote EXPLORE Corralejo & the Dunes Navigate from Lanzarote to Corralejo on Fuerteventura and get to know your beautiful neighbor island. With this versatile excursion you are offered many fun activities… from € 49,00 Best things to do in Lanzarote EXPLORE Polaris Slingshot Tour An exhilarating tour through the beautiful Lanzarote with the unique Polaris Slingshot. The open roadster on 3 wheels undoubtedly provides a unique driving experience... from € 105,00 Best things to do in Lanzarote EXPLORE The Flavours of Lanzarote Enjoy Lanzarote with all your senses. On this minibus tour you will experience a delicious highlight after another. Embark on the search for the culinary treasures of your… from € 69,00


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Important Tips on What to do in Lanzarote

The long-awaited holiday in Lanzarote is coming closer! And the question comes up, what to do during your stay. So, which are the best things to do in Lanzarote? And which excursion suits you best? Below, we'll give you a great activity overview, so that you can choose what interests you most and will be the most fun. This list will help to ensure, that your vacation on Lanzarote will become one of your favorite memories.

Our Thoughts for You

Only hotel, pool and beach are simply not enough for many holiday makers.

Take some excursions in Lanzarote with us and experience this extraordinary island from different perspectives. It does not matter if you are looking for peace and relaxation or if you seek adventure and action. The wish to be active in the nature is certainly fulfilled by the huge range of things to do in Lanzarote. The island offers the right activity for every traveler group. Whether you are single, sunbather, hiker, senior, cyclist, nature lover, climber, diver or if you are traveling with your family, children or partner. We certainly have the suitable tour for you.

Our Top 10 Tips for Lanzarote Excursions

Here you will find what is available on Lanzarote. We at CANCO have put together the ultimate TOP 10 list of the most wanted excursions for you. Our tips are meant as suggestions or for inspiration. You know your preferences best.

Top 1: Buggy Action

Board this energetic fun mobile and sweep over the vast dusty slopes of Lanzarote. Let the wheels spin and stir up the dust. Or rush through the tight bends. If you want to drive a buggy yourself, all you need is a driver's license, while your co-driver must be at least 1.35 meters tall.

Top 2: Island Tour by Bus

The modern and air-conditioned coach takes you to the most beautiful spots of Lanzarote. You will get to know the most interesting sights of the island. A very relaxed and comfortable way to discover Lanzarote. This comfortable tour in a coach is suitable for all ages. With this tour, just have to board the bus and enjoy.

Top 3: On the Back of the Horse

Most people dream of exploring nature and landscapes by horse at least once in their lives, because they want to experience that type of freedom. No matter how old you are or if you have ridden before. The trained guides will instruct you and show you everything you need to know to make your dream come true.

Top 4: Hiking through Nature

Experience the breathtaking nature of Lanzarote up close. Hiking is a great way for any age group to discover the wild and unspoilt part of your holiday destination. If you are physically fit and feel like exercising outdoors, hiking should definitely be on your to-do list.

Top 5: See Whales and Dolphins

A fascinating encounter with these unique sea creatures. Everyone can participate in this excursion. Therefore, a dolphin trip is also suitable as a family experience. As there are large groups of dolphins and whales at the Canary Islands, it is almost guaranteed to see them. It is a special experience for young and old when the dolphins swim in the bow wave of the boat and perform their funny jumps.

Top 6: By Boat on the Atlantic Ocean

The choice of boat excursions is unbelievably big. If you prefer your tour to be exclusive, in a small circle, it is advisable to book a day trip on a small motor or sailing yacht. As only a maximum of 12 people can participate. Get pampered with tasty local tapas and go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of the fresh Atlantic Ocean. If you are outgoing and love to make new acquaintances, we recommend a tour on a party boat or a larger catamaran.

Top 7: Adventure on four Wheels

It is understandable that you do not want to be at the steering wheel during your vacation. But sitting in a coach is not exactly your case either? Then a jeep tour is an excellent alternative. These jeeps take you to places you would never have found otherwise, and therefore this adventure is definitely worth it. Conquer the most impassable corners of the island in the safari style with a rustic jeep.

Top 8: Fishing

The Atlantic Ocean around Lanzarote is the natural habitat for countless small fish but also the really big ones are at home here. If the hunting fever gets you, you are welcome aboard a modern fishing boat. They are all equipped with outriggers so they can fish for marlin in the summer. You do not have any experience yet? That does not matter at all. The experienced crew will instruct and help you with your big catch.

Top 9: JetSki on the Ocean

How about a crazy JetSki tour? Are you at least 16 years old, not anxious and hungry for adventure? Then enjoy the thrill and fun of flying over the waves and explore the beautiful black Canary Island from the sea. You are welcome to take one of your kids with you, as they are allowed to accompany you from the age of 6 years. If you have never been riding a jetski before, you will certainly receive full instructions. You will get used to the handling of this vessel quickly.

Top 10: Explore the Underwater World

Unknown, colorful, lively and a bit scary. If you have always toyed with the idea of getting to know this unknown, but fascinating world, you will have the opportunity during your holiday on Lanzarote. You need no experience to join a snorkel trip or introduction dive. The well-trained instructors will show you what to do and stay at your side. In case you want more, you also have the opportunity to make an internationally recognized diving certificate during your holiday.

But Which Things to do on Lanzarote are the Right Ones for You?

We recommend: Do not rush. Take enough time to look through our excursion offer. On the detail pages of each activity, you will find descriptions of what it is about, what to expect and where it is going on Lanzarote. Under the menu point "Reviews" you can read through the testimonials of participants. A few photos will help you to get a better impression of the tour. You should pay particular attention to the information listed under the menu item "Please note!“. Here you will find information about personal requirements; knowledge and experience that you need to have to participate in this excursion. As well as useful tips on what you must take with you and what else should be considered.

Whatever activity you decide on depends on your own expectations, inclinations and wishes. It also plays a big role whether you travel alone, accompanied by your partner or family. After all, not all our activities in Lanzarote are suitable for children or older people. If you have any queries or suggestions, just contact us. We will answer your inquiries as soon as possible.

Quality and Safety of Our Lanzarote Excursions

We offer a 5-star service. At CANCO, this service is part of every offer so that you can be completely satisfied.

You book without risk on our website and we guarantee that. You have the option to cancel the booked excursion up to 24 hours prior to the excursion date without justification. No costs will incur and you will get back the full deposit.

You will only take your excursions with operators who are officially registered with the Tourism Authority. In addition, they meet all legal security requirements and also have the necessary insurances and permits.

You benefit from a great value for money on our excursions. For us it is important that we can offer you the excursions at the best possible prices. However, their quality must not suffer. That is why at CANCO we only select operators who occupy top rankings in terms of customer satisfaction in the relevant rating portals.

You will get inside tips from us. Long laborious research in the Internet to find activity options on the island is no longer necessary. Benefit from our knowledge. We have already selected the best excursions in Lanzarote for you.

You secure your space on the most popular things to do in Lanzarote. Depending on the season, it often happens that the most popular excursions are booked up quickly and for days in advance. If you book at short notice on site, you risk that there are no vacancies available for your preferred tour. You can avoid disappointment simply by booking your favorite activities online before you travel.

In any case, the CANCO team wishes you a wonderful holiday in Lanzarote and lots of fun while choosing your excursions.

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