I have been living in Gran Canaria for the past 6 years. The climate, the nature and the associated leisure activities make life here to a holiday with work.

From the beginning of my business activity, I dealt with the provision of tourist activities. I specialized in particular in the organization of complete packages for companies, associations and other groups that intensify business relations, incite employees or want to have fun in some ways and expect the extraordinary.

I wish you a great holiday!

After 20 years of experience in the travel industry in various countries including Germany, Italy and Greece, I have now been on Gran Canaria for 16 years. This island has captivated me because of its incomparable diversity and even after all these years I still discover new fascinating things about it.

The idea to create this website originates from my desire to share my passion for the Canary Islands with you and through my well-founded knowledge of the place, I would like to contribute to making your holiday a truly amazing experience that you will count to your best memories.

Mi casa es su casa,