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Why is cycling in Lanzarote one of the most popular activities on vacation? Because the bicycle is no longer just a means of transportation. For most fans, riding a bike means fun, leisure and sport. While some appreciate the closeness to nature when cycling, others like the thrill of riding downhill. Still others want to stay healthy and fit or are looking for their physical limits. No matter what excites you, you should definitely explore Lanzarote by mountain bike or racing bike. This volcanic beauty takes you back to another geological area and therefore attracts many cycling enthusiasts but also those who would like to try it.

You can cycle at different difficulty levels on the island. For city bike or e-bike tours for example you do not need any experience, nor do you need to be well trained. When instead, should only take part in mountain bike or racing bike tours if you have at least some basic knowledge of technique and good fitness. The guided bike tours in Lanzarote are being offered by real professionals. But, which tours are suitable for you? What should you pay attention to when choosing your bike tour? Get the most important tips about cycling in Lanzarote in the following article, and learn what you should consider before getting on your two-wheeler.


  1. What makes Lanzarote ideal for cycling
  2. Road bike tours in Lanzarote
  3. Mountain bike tours in Lanzarote
  4. City bike tours in Lanzarote
  5. E-bike tours in Lanzarote
  6. Rent a bike in Lanzarote
  7. The correct behavior when cycling
  8. The right bike tour for you
  9. What bike tours include
  10. How to book correctly
  11. Requirements for participation
  12. What should be brought to the bike tour
  13. Our cycling tours in Lanzarote

What Makes Lanzarote so Ideal For Cyclists?

Today's shape of Lanzarote was created millions of years ago by erosion. Slopes and descents are less pronounced than for example in Gran Canaria. Therefore, cyclists have it a little easier here and the island is also suitable for less trained people as well. But even so, experienced mountain bikers and road cyclists are still challenged on its demanding terrain. Due to the low population density, there are very few cars on the side streets, which makes biking relaxed and pleasant. The tracks – on asphalt as well as unpaved - are in excellent condition. Since many of the mountain bike trails run along hiking routes, you can count on good sign posting. The excellent infrastructure combined with the breathtaking beauty of the volcanic island makes Lanzarote an Eldorado for bike lovers. A guided bike tour is particularly recommendable if you don't feel like taking the road map with you on tour.

What Types of Bike Tours Are There in Lanzarote?

Road Bike Tours Lanzarote

Away from the main routes and highways, you will quickly be alone on the streets. Perfect conditions to really enjoy a road bike tour. Since you do not have to constantly pay attention to car traffic, you can concentrate much better on the surroundings and the landscape during the tour. Therefore, you will get to know the Lanzarote that’s away from the tourist centers. Biking guides are well trained and know every shrub and rock on your route to perfection. You consequently don't have to struggle to find the right route by yourself. As these trips lead you to the highlands, you will have to tackle a few strenuous climbs. For that reason it is advisable that you are a bit trained and already have some bike experiences if you want to take part in a guided road bike tour.

Explore Lanzarote by Mountain Bike

Between the volcanoes of Lanzarote and on top of them you will find some trails that will certainly make a mountain bikers' heart beat faster. And it surely is not only breathtaking views from the crater rims. Once you reach the top, you finally get to descend adrenaline-fueled downhill trails that will make you sweat despite the breeze. You experience pure thrills and have the best time of your vacation. Your full suspension mountain bike does not resent that you maltreat it with your jumps over the stones on the way down. Please consider that you should have some technical experience for guided mountain bike tours.

City Bike Tours in Lanzarote

The city bikes that are used on guided tours are mostly suspended on the front wheel, have a gear shift and 29-inch tires are being used for some time now. City bike tours are designed to match the needs of beginners and untrained people. This is why you won’t have to overcome steep climbs on the routes. On the contrary, for the most part of the tour you will generally drive downhill. A city bike tour is a perfect experience for the whole family.

On the Go With the E-bike

With this sample, you will be pushed forward by an invisible force while cycling. This is by no means wishful thinking; you can actually experience it for real on an e-bike tour in Lanzarote. The small motor of the bike is extremely powerful, so that you can even accent steeper inclines easily. An e-bike tour combines comfort, with a little activity and the landscape experience. You get to see a lot of the island, because there are now all-terrain e-bikes or e-mountain bikes. This type of bike tour is ideal for beginners and families. No experience or fitness is necessary for these tours.

Valuable Tips and Information About Cycling in Lanzarote

Should You Hire a Bike in Lanzarote?

In the tourist resorts like Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise there are countless bike rental. For this reason, you can easily hire a bike to explore Lanzarote on your own. But the bike rental is by no means the only thing you have to do. You should look for a possible route beforehand, because you will be more secure if you know where you want to go. You should also think carefully about what you need on tour? In the interior of island it may well be that you will not encounter any other people for hours. You should be prepared for this, especially in the event of an emergency. Therefore, you should never forget to take enough water and provisions with you. Moreover, please always wear the helmet that comes with your bike and pack a first aid kit as well as gear for minor repairs.

What Is the Correct Behavior When Cycling in Lanzarote?

When cycling in Lanzarote, the main thing is to be considerate of other road users and respect nature. Public asphalt roads and sign posted hiking routes are places where you are not alone and therefore have to pay attention to the others. With the racing bike you should always drive as far as possible to the right and one behind the other. Mountain bikers are advised to reduce speed especially if they approach hikers from behind. And please take away the garbage that you bring with you. If you need to oil your chain, make sure that no oil drips on the ground. Also keep in mind that cyclists in Spain are legally required to wear a helmet.

Which Is the Right Bike Tour For You?

  • Comfortable discovery: You are tempted to experience the nature of Lanzarote up close. You also feel bad as you don’t exercise regularly. Unsporting and those prefer the easy way are in good hands on an e-bike tour. Because your little electric assistant pushes you up every hill this way you are being active but still feeling comfortable.
  • E-bike tours are suitable for: beginners, untrained, families with children.

  • Sightseeing plus: You always wanted to try cycling? And at the same time you want to get to know Lanzarote better? Then it's best you join a city bike tour. The inclines on these tours are low and the routes are chosen so that you can see a lot of the island. This is sightseeing with a sporty touch.
  • City bike tours are suitable for: beginners, untrained, families with children.

  • Nature and adrenaline: You love the mountains, the forest and parks. You like to escape civilization and be close to nature. And you totally enjoy it when the tours go steeply downhill. Then you are a real mountain biker. If you want to ride a MTB on Lanzarote, you should definitely not be a novice. Technical experience and good fitness are required.
  • Mountain bike tours are suitable for: bikers with basic knowledge of downhill biking and a minimum level of fitness.

  • Sport and fitness: Guided racing bike tours in Lanzarote are suitable for those who are always looking for sporting challenges. Beginners and untrained are in the wrong place here. Some road bike tours have the “easy” level. But even that requires being in good shape.
  • Road bike tours are suitable for: bikers with a minimum level of fitness.

What Is Included in the Price of the Bike Tours?

You certainly always get the latest models of high quality bicycles in the best condition. Bicycle helmets are also always included. If you need special pedals or protective equipment for downhill biking, you can either bring them yourself or rent them from the operator. Some bike tour operators provide snacks and drinks free of charge. Hotel transfer should also be included in the price. You can find out whether this is the case for each individual tour in the detailed descriptions under “Services & Prices”.

What Needs to Be Considered Before Booking a Bike Tour?

First of all, you should check the requirements for a bike tour in detail (see below). You can find information on required level of fitness and technique in the tour descriptions under “Services & Prices”. The length of the tour in kilometers, the sum of the vertical meters and the difficulty level (1 = Easy; 6 = Heavy or something similar) are also sated there. For the sake of yourself and the other participants, you should be honest when you evaluate whether you are actually fit enough the desired tour or not.

What Are the Requirements For a Guided Bike Tour?

  • Physical requirements: Mountain bike and racing bike tours in particular are designed for participants with a basic level of fitness and technique. Therefore, check the data on kilometers, altitude and fitness and technology levels carefully. Discard tours if you are not absolutely sure that you can make it.
  • Minimum age: Depending on the type of bike tour, the operators set a different minimum age for the participants. These vary from 8 to 16 years.
  • Weight: Some bikes are only suitable for participants who stay below a certain maximum weight.
  • Minimum size: There are guidelines for this on some bike tours.
  • Children: The youngsters are welcome to join the tours. However, they must also meet the above requirements.

What Shouldn't You Forget to Bring Along to the Bike Tour?

  • Sporty clothing: T-shirts or bike shirts are recommended for the upper body, which are UV-impermeable and absorb sweat.
  • Firm, closed shoes: Sandals or flip-flops are not allowed on bike tours. So it's best to put on gym or bike shoes.
  • Bike shorts and gloves: Padded bike shorts are very helpful on longer tours or mountain biking. Gloves also make biking much more pleasant.
  • Jackets: In higher regions of Lanzarote it can get cool in the months from October to April. The cold wind then often leads to colds.
  • Sunscreen: The sun intensity is stronger in Lanzarote than elsewhere in Europe. Therefore, always apply sufficient sunscreen with a high SPF several times a day.

Everything that we have described in this text in general can be found again in the individual description of each specific bike excursions under “Please note!” and “Services & Prices”. Consider these points and that nothing stands in the way of a unique day cycling in Lanzarote.

Cycling Tours in Lanzarote

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