Info & Tips For Your Quad Tour in Lanzarote

Everyone knows exactly what it is, but hardly anyone has ever driven it: the quad. Your vacation in Lanzarote offers the best opportunity to get to know this cool vehicle as part of a quad biking tour. The handlebars and seat are extremely reminiscent of a motorcycle, but that is the only thing both vehicles have in common. The ATV, usually also referred to as quad bike, has four wheels and the license to provide fun.

Thanks to its unique volcanic landscape, Lanzarote offers an ideal area for quad biking, and who knows; it may the beginning of a new passion. The all-terrain vehicle takes you to places of the island to which you would not get access by car. With a quad tour in Lanzarote, it doesn't matter whether you have ever ridden it before. Inexperienced and experienced drivers are guaranteed to get their money's worth. Therefore, don't miss the opportunity for a special kind of exploration tour. However, there are a few things to consider before you ride a quad bike on Lanzarote. Read our article with tips and the most important information about the Quad and the offered Quad tours.


  1. Quad bike and ATV vs. motorcycle
  2. Quad biking in Lanzarote
  3. Rent a quad bike in Lanzarote
  4. Note when driving a quad bike
  5. These are the requirements for quad biking
  6. Quad bike and helmet mandatory
  7. Please note when booking
  8. What to bring to the tour
  9. Our quad bike tours in Lanzarote

What Is a Quad and Its Difference From the ATV?

In the basic construction there are a few differences between a quad bike and an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). Quad bikes can only be used on asphalt roads, while ATVs are also all-terrain and equipped with all-wheel drive. Colloquially, however, the term “Quad” is being used for both vehicle types.

What Is the Difference From the Motorcycle?

At first glance, the quad bike appears to be alike a motorcycle. Accelerator on the handlebars and the brake is on the foot area. The tank is mounted above the engine and the two passengers sit one behind the other on the bench. If you take a closer look, however, you will notice that there are no other similarities between the quad and the motorcycle. Quads rarely have a manual transmission. Therefore, all you have to do is accelerate and brake. The accelerator is operated with a knob on the handlebar, which is controlled with the thumb. You won't find a throttle like a motorcycle. However, its biggest difference to a motorcycle is the driving behavior. You can read more about this in the text below.

Quad Biking in Lanzarote

Where Can You Drive a Quad on Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is the black beauty of the Canary Islands. Volcanoes shaped her appearance and as a result she presents herself to her visitors with bizarre rock formations, black gravel fields, petrified lava flows and dangerous looking volcanic vents. With a quad bike you can discover this fascinating environment on various routes. The paved public roads lead you to many impressive natural monuments, quite mountain villages and lonely beaches. However, you are not allowed not leave the public streets, to whirl up some dust on an unpaved slope instead. These restrictions are intended to ensure that the nature remains protected despite tourist activities. You need special licenses to be permitted to drive off the asphalt roads. The operators of quad tours in Lanzarote have these necessary permits. Therefore, what you are not allowed to do on your own can be done on a guided quad tour. The guides know the terrain and the regulations exactly.

Should You Hire a Quad Bike in Lanzarote

If you have never driven a quad bike before, you should not consider renting a quad on your own in Lanzarote. We strongly recommend beginners to book a guided tour. Because then you will receive the necessary instructions from the guides before you start in order to be able to use the quad safely. Experienced quad pilots are welcome to go to a rental and drive off to explore the island on their own. It's best to find a quad bike rental near your accommodation in advance. We also advise you to set the routes before you start this adventure. Do not lose sight of the fact that you will always have to stay on the public roads. You must not leave them, no matter how much you would love to let off steam in the terrain. Aside from the considerable damage to the ecosystem, you can face severe fines if you get caught.

What Should You Watch Out For When Driving a Quad?

The most important sentence on this topic is: A quad bike drives like a quad bike! Its driving behavior is neither that of a car nor that of a motorcycle. The construction and the position of the center of gravity make the quad a vehicle that requires special handling. Even experienced motorcyclists who have never sat on a quad before are considered absolute beginners. Before the start of the tour, the operator always gives you the opportunity to do a few trial laps to get a feel for the vehicle. The guides explain exactly what to look out for and what are the special features of quad biking.

Due to the high position of the center of gravity on the quad, driving in curves particularly requires your full attention. There is a risk that the quad bike will tip over if you do not shift your upper body weight accordingly. If you come through a left curve, shift your upper body far to the left. The same applies to a right turn. You bend to the right there as well. With the quad, the throttle grip on the handlebars, which is common in motorcycles, is replaced by a lever. It first it will seem a little strange to accelerate with your thumb. But you should get used to it quickly after a few trial rounds. The automatic transmissions, of the quads that are being by the operators, make driving much easier, because you don't need to change gears.

What Are the Requirements For Participating in a Quad Bike Tour?

If you are at least 18 years old and have a Class B driving license, you can ride a quad bike in Europe. A special approval is not necessary. In Lanzarote, the Quad Tour operators or the Quad rental companies can set other requirements. Some operators require a minimum age of 21 and a driving experience of no less than 2 years.

The required age of co-drivers can also vary between 7 and 12 years. Wearing firm footwear on the tour is another requirement. You can find the specific requirements for the individual tours in our detailed descriptions under “Please note!”.

Is Wearing a Compulsory Helmet When Driving a Quad?

Wearing a helmet when driving a quad bike is also legally required in Lanzarote. Both passengers must always have their helmets on while driving. The helmets are provided free of charge by the operator for the guided quad tours. For that reason, you don't have to worry about where to get them from.

Was sollten Sie bei der Buchung einer Quad Tour beachten?

In addition to buggy tours in Lanzarote, quad tours are one of the most popular activities booked by holidaymakers. Accordingly, the operators offer these tours all year round. However, if you would like to take part in a quad tour in the summer months from June to September, we recommend that you book this on our website a few weeks in advance. As the demand is extremely high during this period, it can happen that the tours are booked up to several days.

What Should You Have With You on the Tour?

  • Driver's license: This is required by law. You must have the original with you on the tour day. Copies cannot be accepted.
  • Sporty clothing: Wear comfortable and sportswear that can get dirty when driving off-road.
  • Jackets: The wind can be cool. And in the months of October to May, the temperatures can be so low, especially at higher altitudes that you will be freezing without jackets.
  • Dust protection cloth: A lot of dust is whirled up when driving off-road. You can get a cloth for little money in every shopping center and tie in front of your mouth and nose.
  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from intense sun exposure. Use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.

All information and requirements for the individual quad tours can be found in the tour descriptions under the points “Please note!” And “Services & Prices”. Now it can start! Have fun quad biking in Lanzarote.

Our Quad Tours in Lanzarote

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