Things to do in La Graciosa Lanzarote

Things to do in La Graciosa

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Visit La Graciosa Island on Holiday

La Graciosa island is officially the eighth inhabited island in the Canary Archpielago. Its population of approximately 700 inhabitants lives in the only two villages Caleta de Cebo and Pedro Barba. This beautiful little island off the north coast of Lanzarote is almost as flat as a spread towel. From the Mirador del Río viewpoint on the neighboring island, you can admire the magnificent colors of the landscape of La Graciosa: light yellow in the plains, brown-black for the volcanoes and turquoise blue for the surrounding ocean. The incomparable contrasts of this small patch of earth are like a painting. A strait of only 1.5 kilometers width, called El Río (The River) by the locals, separates La Graciosa from Lanzarote. It is a distance that is quickly overcome by ferry or boat to spend an unforgettable day.

You start from the port in Órzola on Lanzarote and arrive in Caleta de Cebo, the “capital” of the island after only 30 minutes by ferry. The streets of the picturesque place are made of sand and the small houses are mostly built directly into the beach. La Graciosa captivates primarily with dreamlike beaches, which are mostly deserted and offers breathtaking views. If you appreciate seclusion and unique, wild natural landscapes, you will find it difficult to say goodbye to the island at the end of the day. Read here what is best about La Graciosa, how to get there the easiest and what excursions you can make there.


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Activities in La Graciosa

Organized Excursions to La Graciosa

La Graciosa undoubtedly is one of the most attractive destinations for holidaymakers in Lanzarote. Consequently, ferries and boats cross over to the small neighboring island every day. Nevertheless, the offers of organized trips to the island of La Graciosa are quite manageable. Depending on which resort in Lanzarote you are spending your vacation in, these day trips may also include transfer from your hotel. You will find our offer of excursions to La Graciosa at the end of this text. Before booking, make sure that your holiday location is also included in the pick-up points specified in detailed descriptions under “Services & Prices”.

By Catamaran to the Island of La Graciosa

A catamaran with the motto “We love La Graciosa” passes through the El Río strait almost daily from the port of Órzola. This tour initially gives you the opportunity for an extensive visit to Caleta de Cebo. And afterwards, you will board the luxury catamaran again and sail around the island to then anchor in front of the wonderful beach called Playa la Francesa. Here you can swim or snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic while the crew prepares a delicious meal for you on board. Enjoy a wonderfully relaxing day off the coast of the picturesque island.

Jeep Safari Taxi La Graciosa

Anyone wishing to visit the island of La Graciosa must leave their car in Lanzarote. Only the registered residents of the eighth Canary Island may use a vehicle there. On site however, you will have the opportunity to explore the small island with the 4x4 Jeep Safari Taxi. The operators have special licenses for the tour and know basically every rock and shrub on their routes across the island. You can book this tour directly in the port area in Caleta de Cebo. Take the opportunity for an exceptional jeep tour on La Graciosa.

Diving Off the Coast of La Graciosa

The coastal area around the island of La Graciosa and the associated Chinijo Archipelago form one of the largest marine reserves for divers in Europe. The waters there will therefore offer you the greatest marine diversity of all the Canary Islands. The volcanic activities of the past left a multitude of underwater caves and tunnels that can now be explored. Lovers of the submarine world should definitely not miss the opportunity to dive there.

Activities on Your Own

Mit der Fähre nach La Graciosa übersetzen

There are two ferry companies in the port of Órzola that take passengers to La Graciosa every day. The crossing to the small neighboring island only takes about 30 minutes. The first ferry to La Graciosa departs at 8:00 a.m. and the last one usually leaves at 5:00 p.m. However, there is an additional ferry at 6:00 p.m. between the 01/05 and the 31/10. And from the 01/07 until the 10/25 even another at 7:00 p.m. With a few exceptions, one can say that both ferry companies take turns leaving every half hour. They both also charge the same prices. The ticket counters are located directly in the port. The return ticket to La Graciosa costs a total of € 26 for adults and € 13 for children (as of 2019).

If you have a sensitive stomach, you should take a tablet for nausea before boarding the ferry. The crossing may take only 30 minutes, but the currents and wind conditions on the strait usually cause high waves, so that the boat sways quite a bit.

Hiking on La Graciosa

La Graciosa is so small that you can get to know a large part of it in just one day even on a walking tour. The landscape is characterized by secluded beaches, pristine plains and four volcanoes, which are mostly reached on unpaved roads and narrow paths. From the 200 meter high Montaña Amarilla you have a fantastic view over the beaches in the southeast of the island up to to the Famara massif in Lanzarote. Keep in mind that La Graciosa is a pure volcanic landscape and therefore has no shade-giving vegetation. So take appropriate sun protection and sufficient drinking water with you when hiking. A final note: Please consider that you are trekking in a nature reserve.

On the Mountain Bike on La Graciosa

There are various bike rentals on the small island. You can therefore, either rent a bike in Caleta de Cebo or bring a bike over on the ferry. Mountain biking is a lot fun on La Graciosa, as the island has no significant inclines apart from the volcanoes. Here and there, the surface gets a bit sandy and soft, so that you either have to pedal hard or push the bike for a while. Apart from that, you can get on and move forward very easy and can therefore perfectly explore the entire island in just one day. Please always stay on the marked paths and roads with your mountain bike, as you are not allowed to drive into the nature reserve.

Things to See in La Graciosa

Caleta de Cebo

The first thing you will notice when you get off the ferry in Caleta de Cebo: there is no asphalt and no concrete. The streets of the village consist entirely of sand. And even the houses are simply built in the sand. You will hardly see a car on the streets, as only the locals are allowed to drive on the island. The port of the town has reached a considerable size and has a good infrastructure of bars, cafes, restaurants and even a few shops. The center of the village is the square in front of the church of La Virgen del Mar. Unfortunately there are very few palm trees or other trees, which makes the otherwise very picturesque place look a bit desolate.

Las Agujas Grandes

The extinct volcano Las Agujas Grandes is the highest point of the island at 266 meters. But it's not its height that makes this mountain a real sight of La Graciosa. It rather is its stripes of different natural colors that can be seen very well from the south of the island. The sight is somewhat reminiscent of an oversized marble cake. One of the signposted hiking trails leads directly to the volcano and you should go to take a look at it when visiting the island.

Interesting Facts About La Graciosa

La Graciosa Accommodation

Many people appreciate the tranquility and seclusion of this unique Canary Island. Therefore, the island's popularity is increasing accordingly among holidaymakers. However, there are no hotels on La Graciosa, which will not change in the foreseeable future due to its nature conservation status. So how do you find suitable accommodation on La Graciosa? Are there any tourist accommodations at all and if so, which ones are they?

Holiday Flats and Apartments on La Graciosa

Accommodation options on the island are limited to holiday apartments. Most of them can be found directly in Caleta de Cebo. There are also a few in Pedro Barba. However, there are no opportunities to shop or go out there. Since the number of apartments to rent on La Graciosa is not particularly high, we recommend that you look for accommodation well in advance. The prices per person are currently around 30 € per person per night. However, this is expected to change a lot in the next few years due to the increasing demand for accommodation on La Graciosa. Here are a few apartments that are available for vacation rental. Simply enter in Google: Casita del Rio (2 people), Apartamentos El Marinero (4 people), The Lighthouse Beach Apartment (4 people), The House La Graciosa (4 people).

The above list is based on internet research, for the correctness of which we cannot guarantee.

Camping on La Graciosa

There is a free campsite at Caleta de Cebo. On there you are also welcome to pitch your tent near the beach. It is only place on La Graciosa where Camping is allowed. If you want to stay there, you need to register online in advance. You can do that here. Please do not forget to do so, because without the proof of registration you could otherwise face a hefty fine.

La Graciosa Weather

You can safely travel to La Graciosa at any time of the year, because the beautiful weather rarely takes a break there. The light breeze that blows constantly can sometimes give you little goose bumps in the winter months, but makes the summer stay extremely pleasant. Rain falls hardly ever happen here and if that should be the case, it concentrates to the winter months solely. Day time temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees in the winter. And in summer, the 28 degree mark is exceeded in just a few days. The weather on La Graciosa is clearly in the feel-good area. And this all year round.

La Graciosa Beaches

The beaches on La Graciosa all have one thing in common: finest sand. This can sometimes be golden or even white. Since most of the beaches are only accessible on foot, you will find peace and tranquility there. Here are the most beautiful beaches:

  • Playa La Francesa: A white dreamlike beach with spectacular scenery and a view of the Famara massif of Lanzarote. The water is quite calm, so you can go swimming here.
  • Playa del Salado: This is the beach where you can camp. Just 20 minutes walk from Caleta de Cebo. It is also worth visiting this beach on a day trip to La Graciosa. It is quiet and there are showers and toilets.
  • Playa De Las Conchas: In the northern part of the island you will find this breathtakingly beautiful beach. However, please do not be fooled by the bright, fine sand and the great view of the small island of Isla de Montaña Clara. Bathing is not a good idea here, because the violent wind and the high waves make it an extremely dangerous undertaking.

Our Excursions to La Graciosa

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